Everblue Denim

Everblue Denim

We don’t want any compromises, but the real stuff: a 3/1 construction with a dark blue yarn dyed warp and ecru weft. A dry cotton hand and tight body, in a medium weight, makes the authentic denim look complete.

Made in Europe

The Concordia Denim Collection is 100% made in Europe: technology, product development, yarn spinning & dyeing, weaving and finishing is done in Spain and Belgium.


Faithful to the roots of authentic denim, Concordia Textiles blends its own technical experience with 25 years of european denim know-how to offer a vintage looking Everblue denim.


  • Properties far above denim standard
  • No blue fingers
  • No contamination
  • No indigo bleeding on white surfaces
  • Stands over 50 industrial washes

All mechanical properties, like shrinkage, strength, pilling and abrasion, are equal to common denim properties.


The Everblue Denim collection is available in Fabric form, for sampling or smaller industrial orders within our NOS program. Average lead time for major industrial orders is about 6 weeks.

4 Everblue qualities


  1. CO/PES rigid quality
  2. medium weight
  3. tight constructed
  4. 3/1 RHT


  • CO/Coolmax® quality
  • medium weight
  • vintage look
  • regulating the body temperature thanks to the Coolmax® fiber


  • comfort stretch quality
  • medium weight, 3/1 RHT
  • soft and elegant


  • Modacryl/CO/Nega-stat®
  • medium weight, authentic look
  • highest protection (FR)
  • PPE certified


The Concordia Everblue Denim collection can also be sourced in garment form through our partner ANSI | PGT. ANSI (commercial hub Belgium) and PGT (manufacturing & washing unit, Tunisia) position themselves as a flexible, fully integrated, industrial partner for casual- and workwear

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