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We produce fabrics out of recycled polyester and polyamide yarns as well as bio-based yarns.
You may choose to use recycled yarn in both warp and weft or only in weft.

Rejuvenated Yarns

Together with Purfi, we have developed a unique method to collect and repurpose textile waste from all over the world, with more than 20 patents and 35 trade secrets related to textile rejuvenation. Going through our patented treatment facilities, we're able to maintain the length and strength of each fiber.

Recycled Yarns

We produce fabrics from recycled polyester and polyamide yarns. You can choose whether to use recycled yarn only in weft or in warp and weft. A part of our recycled fabrics are made from REPREVE® yarn to combine uncompromised performance with trusted sustainability.

Bio-based Yarns

We produce fabrics from bio-based polyester yarns. You can choose whether to use bio-based yarn only in weft or in warp and weft.
Our bio-based fabrics are made from yarns such as SORONA® and others, which are GRS-certified.

Recyclable Yarns

Recyclable technical yarn is a type of yarn that can be reused and repurposed after its initial use. It is made from sustainable materials and designed to be recyclable at the end of its life cycle. They can be made from a variety of sustainable materials, depending on the intended use and properties required.

Dyeing level

To reduce water wastage when dyeing fabrics we continuously work on lowering the water usage of our dyeing machines. Alternatively, we can use a pigmented EVO or ECO-coating instead of dyeing our fabrics, resulting in significant water and energy savings.

EVO coatings are less harmful to the environment:

  • No solvents used
  • Less water consumption compared to traditional dyeing
  • No use of catalysator in the recipe means that the coating paste does not need to be used immediately. Surplus of coating paste can be used for a next production or if necessary downcycled for other uses.

Finishing level


Fluorocarbons (PFCs) have proven to be extremely persistent chemicals, both in the environment and in human tissue. Instead of using C8 or C6 chemistry, our Nova Tierra product range offers water-repellent products that are 100% fluorocarbon free. We have partly bio-based solutions and soon 100% bio-based solutions will be available.

  • Water-Repellent effect
  • High washing durability
  • Coated and laminated membranes


On request, our performance fabrics can be finished using a recycled membrane. These recycled membranes meet strict waterproofing, breathability, protection and comfort requirements. You can opt for membranes that are fully or partially recycled.

  • Bio-based membrane

  • Recycled membrane

innovative Solutions


AIR-tiles are innovative ceiling tiles that are designed to enhance the air quality in the immediate area of the panels. With the use of Airmax 2.0 technology, these tiles can efficiently eliminate harmful substances, including unpleasant odors, from indoor environments. This feature makes AIR-tiles an ideal solution for improving air quality in homes, offices, and other living spaces where air pollution can cause health concerns. By utilizing AIR-tiles, you can create a cleaner, fresher environment that promotes better health and wellbeing.


Wind Turbine Blades

Longer lifespan due to our advanced textiles

We developed one of the most resilient advanced textiles for the next generation of wind turbine blades, by protecting them from severe weather conditions. Not only does it offer a more practical maintenance, but the fabric also provides a longer lifespan for the blades, making it a sustainable solution for the renewable energies industry.

We are always motivating industries to decrease their ecological footprint and consider innovative approaches by providing advanced solutions. With our custom-made solutions, we want industries to adopt sustainable practices and minimize their negative impact on the environment.

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