Medical Cleanroom

In cleanroom settings, human presence represents the primary contamination source. Our fabric range acts as a protective shield that minimizes contamination by skin scales and particles in a cleanroom environment. Offering comfortable, lightweight, certified textile solutions, our collection guarantees cleanroom cleanliness and safety. Our selected fabrics are crafted from synthetic filament yarn rather than natural ones like cotton, to minimize linting.



Our fabrics used for cleanroom applications are designed to minimize particle generation and accumulation, and to resist the growth of microorganisms. These fabrics undergo specialized processing to ensure their cleanliness and suitability for use in controlled environments.



Trusted comfort for medical and cleanroom excellence

Discover peace of mind with our Teximed® fabrics for medical and cleanroom applications. They are of the highest quality and compliant with the revised standard EN 13795-2 2019 in place for clean air suits. Our qualities are both Standard Performance or High Performance.

* Tested according to ISO 15797 - 60°C + Proc. A

After 150 industrial washing cycles, the color of our Teximed® fabrics remains visually unchanged.

After 150 industrial washing cycles, the shrinkage of our Teximed® fabrics does not exceed the maximum value of +/-3%.

After 150 industrial washing cycles, the mechanical tensile of our Teximed® fabrics remains within prescribed standards.

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Our fabrics compliant in an ESD environment

Anti-static fabrics for protective clothing

Never Out of Stock

For a selected number of products with a high demand we have set up a stock program that secures high levels of availability. These products can be shipped out in smaller quantities to support our customers in reducing inventory risk and increasing flexibility.

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