We offer specialized solutions helping customers to create packaging innovations that match the objectives they envisioned. Our broad range of advanced fabrics and options in materials can be used in various applications, like handbags, luggage, protective covers and laundry bags. It allows us to find a solution to all your packing challenges, even the ones you haven’t encountered yet.

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Our in-house developed fabrics are a versatile and sustainable packing solution that can protect and cushion delicate items.

Abrasion Resistant


Weather Resistant

UV Resistant


The best fabrics for travel bags are those that balance durability, water resistance, and portability. By choosing the right one, you can ensure that your bag will be a reliable companion on all of your adventures.

protective covers

The best fabric for a protective cover depends on the specific needs of the item being covered. Whether it's protection from the elements, physical damage, or both, we can provide you with the necessary level of defense to safeguard your vehicle, outdoor furniture, bags and many more!

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