Medical Applications

At Concordia Textiles, we engineer, develop and manufacture advanced protective textiles. Leading innovation in personal protective textiles, we collaborate with our clients to meet their specific standards. With our reusable textiles for medical applications, we offer tailored solutions, committed to meeting your medical requirements.

Our solutions...

At Concordia Textiles, we are always working on advancing our fabrics. Through ongoing innovation, research, and development efforts, we’re able to constantly expand our product range and improve performance and quality of all fabrics.

Sliding sheets for patient handling

Sliding sheets play a crucial role in patient handling, facilitating smooth and safe movement of patients. By prioritizing durability, low friction and ease of maintenance, we ensure optimal functionality and comfort for both patients and caregivers.

Fabrics for medical slings

Medical slings support patient mobility while eliminating the risk of injuries or discomfort. Our selected fabrics are optimized for strength, flexibility and comfort during these lifting and transfer procedures.

Evacuation sheets & mattresses

Our fabrics for evacuation sheets and mattresses are designed to meet specific performance standards tailored for emergency situations. They have exceptional strength for long-lasting durability, while also featuring special coatings and finishes to enhance flame retardancy and make cleaning easier.

Fabrics for inflatable mattresses

Our fabrics, engineered for inflatable mattresses used in patient transport are durable and water-repellent to ensure comfort and support. Notably, these fabrics are designed to be waterproof and airtight, further enhancing their reliability and protective capabilities throughout transportation and emergencies.

Laundry bags & protective bags

In healthcare settings, fabrics for laundry bags and protective bags are essential for hygiene and contamination prevention. They play a vital role in safely handling, transporting, and storing items within medical environments. Tested at 75°C, these
fabrics are wash-resistant, guaranteeing durability.

Mattress & duvet covers

Our mattress covers and duvet covers can be fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, and ensure optimal protection and hygiene
in healthcare environments. Learn more about our other bedding products here.

Antislide soles for shoe covers

Our fabrics designed for anti-slide soles on shoe covers are crafted to withstand various surfaces and conditions. A durable fabric to withstand various surfaces and conditions in sterile environments.

Your next development?

Our product range is continuously expanding, offering potential space for your next development or innovation.

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Tailored Fabrics, Global Reach

Europe & China Integration

With our vertically integrated production facilities located in both Europe and China, we can develop fabrics up to your requirements and needs, adding value to your products.

Our European production enables us to quickly respond to market demands, provide specialized expertise, and develop tailor-made products customer request. In addition, our Chinese production operates in accordance with European standards. This allows us to offer competitive and cost-effective pricing for specific production volumes.

This dual production capability positions us uniquely to deliver both flexibility and affordability to our valued customers.

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Here at Concordia Textiles, creativity meets innovation. Tell us about your specific needs and together we'll make your vision a reality.

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