Sports Performance

Fabrics used for sports apparel combine aesthetical characteristics and a good hand feel with the required performance properties. The fabrics in our sports performance range are based on leading technology in weather protection, breathability, stretch, thermal insulation, etc. and combine excellent functionality with a high level of comfort.

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Performance in every fiber

Specially designed to enhance athletic performance by providing superior moisture management, breathability, and stretch. Made to last and offer comfort during high-intensity activities.

Mechanical & Chemical Stretch

Hiking & trekking

Nature lovers often look for multifunctional apparel capable of maintaining comfort in any condition on and off trail. This means that hiking attire must have certain features and characteristics to effectively keep users dry and comfortable in various temperatures and conditions in order to respond to changing environments. Our leading technology in weather protection, breathability, stretch, thermal insulation meet these criteria.


When exercising in cold weather and exploring the mountain climates, it's crucial to protect the body. The challenge is to not only keep snow and rain from penetrating your clothes, but also to allow water vapor from perspiration to exit. We offer high-performance and long-life durable fabrics that can handle both environmental and sporting impacts.

Horseback riding

With two athletes on the field, the rider and the horse, their performance is based on a perfect understanding and coordination. Our materials offer stretch, breathability and resistance that retain their shape and exactly follow the rider’s movements.

Hunting & fishing

Choosing the right fabrics for hunting & fishing will increase the ability to adapt to varying conditions while being protected from certain climates and weather conditions. Dressing warm, but still maintaining agility can be achieved using our high-performing fabrics. Our range keeps hunters & fishers cozy, cool, light, and flexible, allowing for maximum performance whilst being outdoor.


We offer solutions for moving freely in and around water, without being hindered in activities. With an emphasis on stretch, comfort and durability, we ensure that our fabrics meet all requirements for enhancing surf performances.


Dress for the slide, not the ride. Durable clothing, made with durable fabrics will protect you from one of the more painful experiences that a rider can have: road rash. We go for ultimate protection without compromising on comfort.

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