Advanced Textiles


Our extensive R&D knowledge matched with our vertically integrated production, makes us a pioneer in innovative textile developments. Our innovations go from the most clear mesh screen in the market, up to fabric complex guaranteeing longevity to wind turbine blades. Several of our non-clothing fabrics have multiple functions in different markets.

Broad spectrum of possibilities

Let's talk and find out if any of our ready made solutions can be applied to your challenge. Don't see what you're looking for? If more adjustments need to be made, we'd be happy to develop your next fabric up from zero.

Base Textiles

Base Textiles

Substrates for tapes
Base fabrics for labels
Fabrics for inner sun protection
Fabrics for electrical conduction tapes
Release fabrics for industrial processes

Finished Textiles

Finished Textiles

Textile complexes for windmill blades
FR-textiles for industries
Fabrics for slide sheets & evacuation mattresses
High-end fabrics for handbags
Protective fabrics for electrical applications



Motorcycle Covers

Ready-to-market brands

Sustainable Solutions for Emerging Markets

Extended Lifespan of Wind Turbines

Make sense out of it

Textiles have more use than you can imagine. If you're in a specific niche market breaking your head on how to bring your project to a good end, textiles might be your answer. Tell us what your challenges are, and let us do the work.

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