Household Linen

Wrinkle-free comfort

Thanks to the unique natural high 4-ways elasticity of jersey, the fitted sheet covers at full extent all sides of the mattress. This ensures a perfect fit up to 40 cm high. Made out of premium quality of raw material and with detailed care-on confection, the very stretchy fitted sheet provides a wrinkle-free comfort and is completely anti-bedbug and anti-bacterial. Qualities are available in carded cotton, combed cotton, organic combed cotton or cotton lyocell elastane.






Combed Cotton

Our fabrics made from combed cotton are exceptionally soft due to the process of removing short fibers and impurities. Additionally, these fabrics are less likely to pill or shrink.

Carded Cotton

Carded cotton hasn't undergone the process of removing its delicate top layer, and is produced using shorter fibers. This fabric is not as soft as our combed cotton, but it is more durable and more cost effective

Organic Combed Cotton

Without the use of harmful chemicals and losing their softness and durability, our certified fabrics made with organic combed cotton are environmentally friendly and safe for sensitive skin.


Our fabrics made from a cotton, lyocell & elastane blend are soft, breathable, and stretchy. It combines the durability and natural feel of cotton with the moisture-wicking and eco-friendly properties of lyocell, and the flexibility of elastane.


Fitted Sheet

Quilt & Pillow Cover


Split King Sheet

Anti-bedbug Bedding

inhouse manufacturing

From Fabric to Bedding

Our expertise ranges from textile production to manufacturing of the bedding product. We create the full product locally in Europe with our technical fabrics. This includes private labels for middle & high-end brands. We guide your project from styling design until the final distribution.

The C-Pocket, Fitted Sheet in a Pocket

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