Our heritage

Today, we are at the forefront of technical textile manufacturing on a global scale, and our dedication and passion remain unchanged from a century ago. Our greatest objective is to maintain our commitment to producing exceptional products and driving innovation.

Belgian Innovation since 1925


Synthetic weaving mill

In 1925, Concordia Textiles was founded by Dr. Paul Tuytens in Waregem. At that time, the family business concentrated mainly on producing lining fabrics.


Dye Division

With the arrival of Mr. Albert Tuytens after the 2nd World War, the company resolutely moved towards producing synthetic and artificial fabrics. Own dyeing departments were therefore introduced in addition to the weaving activities.


Outerwear fabrics

In 1970, Concordia Textiles moved to a new building close to the highway, at the Flanders Field Industrial Zone in Waregem. This was also the beginning of outerwear fabrics production.


Printing division

In 1975, it was time for expansion again, this time with the establishment of our own textile printing division.


Coating division

In 1980, coating production was also added to the production flow.


Technical textiles

After some important adjustments and alignments in our production flow, attention to quality became a number one priority. With all the in-house expertise, we started to focus on the production of technical textiles.


Concordia Pacific foundation
& Start business structure

The removal of import quotas, the enormous pressure on raw material prices, the extremely rapid rise in production in the Far East coupled with the disappearance of the apparel industry within Europe necessitated the readjustment of production capacity. By setting up a sales organisation in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the Far East platform was established for Concordia Textiles.


Fully owned production in China
Full fashion garments service
& Acquisition UCO/LDC

By opening a coating plant in China (Suzhou), we were now able to speak of fully owned production in China. A complete fashion garments service was also initiated. In November 2008, the acquisition of the LDC (Ghent and Oudenbos-Lokeren) departments of UCO
were completed. The staff of LDC Gent became integrated within CT Waregem and the weaving department in Lokeren was transferred to Waregem from January 2010.


Expanding activities in military & tenders

In December 2009, Seyntex's production machinery for weaving, dyeing and printing were bought and integrated within CT Waregem.


Lab certified ISO 17025

In 2012, our lab was accredited with ISO 17025, which gave us the opportunity to conduct the majority of tests in-house, controlling our production at different stages, which drastically accelerates the time-to-market of new developments.


Concordia garments services Bangladesh

Since 2013, in-house garment capabilities were further expanded by the start-up of Concordia Garments in Bangladesh.


Acquisition Estambril

In 2014, the acquisition of Estambril in Spain marked a further important step into the world of protective clothing.


Participation Finkid Germany

In 2016, Concordia Textiles participated in Finkid, a German brand selling comfortable outerwear for children.


Acquisition Fuchshuber Techno Tex

2017 was the year Concordia Textiles acquired Fuchshuber Techno Tex, a German family-owned company, a leading international expert in developing and producing high-performance textile apparel for protective and technical applications.



In 2018, Concordia Bounding Ltd was founded. With this export-oriented accessories production facility in Bangladesh, we started manufacturing waterproof & non-waterproof linings for shoes and gaskets.


Joint venture Purfi

2019 was the year we resolutely chose the circular path. Through our joint venture with Purfi we're rejuvenating textile waste into raw materials as a response to the global waste challenge.


Acquisition Socomaille bedding
& industrial knitwear

In 2020 Socomaille became part of Concordia Textiles. Their know-how on knitting technologies enabled us to produce high-quality knitted products for bedding and industrial purposes.

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