Lifestyle Fabrics made from Sustainable Yarns

Sustainable at the core 

Concordia Textiles wants to conserve the environment as much as possible. We therefore invest in the sustainability of our organization, processes and products which applies to all our branches of the Concordia Textiles Group. For many of our existing fashion qualities we offer our customers a sustainable alternative, bundled in the Greenline family of products

The SDGs are our building blocks towards a sustainable textile sector. By focusing on SDGs relevant for our industry, we are able to minimize our negative impact and maximize our positive impact.

A green production process starts at the yarns. That’s why Concordia Textiles invests in recycled polyester and polyamide yarns as well as biobased yarns to produce sustainable Lifestyle fabrics. 

Our fabrics are made from different yarns such as SORONA® , REPREVE® and other recycled and biobased yarns which are GRS-certified. You can decide whether to use recycled yarn only in weft or in warp and weft.

Recycled yarns
A part of our recycled fabrics are made from REPREVE® and other recycled yarns to combine uncompromised performance with trusted sustainability. 
Using REPREVE® yarn offers several advantages: 

  • Recycled polyester from used PET bottles 
  • Known brand for recycled PES 
  • Traceable and transparent 
  • GRS, Ökotex, SCS Global Services certified 
  • REPREVE® labels or own labels with REPREVE® logo on request

Biobased yarns
Next to recycled yarns Concordia Textiles also invests in biobased yarns. 
Our biobased fabrics are made from different yarns such as SORONA® and others, which are GRS-certified. 
Using SORONA® yarn offers several advantages: 

  • Bio-based PTT, made in part from renewable feedstock 
  • USDA, BiomassPla, Ökotex, Bluesign certified 
  • Uses 30% less energy vs equal amount of nylon 6 
  • Produces 63% less GHG-emissions vs equal amount of nylon 6
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