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As a pioneer in innovative textile innovation, we're able to offer you with any development suiting your needs. Our extensive R&D knowledge matched with our vertically integrated production enables us to achieve the highest level of quality and innovation in technical textiles.

Vertically Integrated Production

Broad Network of Industrial Experts

Structured Approach on Market Analysis

Supporting Emerging Markets & Niches


Thanks to our in-house ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab, the majority of tests can be conducted in-house controlling our production at different stages, which drastically accelerates the time-to-market of our new developments.

BELAC Certified

Our accredited lab has been evaluated and found to meet standards of quality and competence by BELAC. BELAC is a Belgian accreditation body which operates under a management system in accordance with international requirements relating to the management of accreditation bodies.

The reports and certificates issued by BELAC-accredited bodies enjoy international recognition. BELAC has signed all the agreements and recognitions that exist within the framework of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and FALB (Forum of Accreditation and Licensing Bodies).

inhouse R&D

The Research & Development department is of critical importance for the group. Over the years we have gained thorough expertise in technical textile properties and their associated production challenges. The product managers, who are experts in a specific market segment, guide the R&D department to develop a product portfolio tailored to specific market requirements.

Our R&D team is composed of a diverse group with a broad range of expertise and skill set. This includes textile engineers, chemists, materials scientists and designers. The team works together by researching, designing, testing and developing new fabrics and technologies, with one important condition in mind: improving the sustainability and environmental impact of textile production methods.

Our R&D team

Textile Engineers

Our textile engineers develop new textile materials and improve the performance of existing materials. This means they work on improved strength, durability, etc, and other properties of textiles. Apart from the product side, they may also work on the development of new production methods for our fabrics.


The chemists working in our lab develop new textile finishes and dyes, and research which new materials can be composed in our textile production. They also work together with our product designers on recycling and upcycling textiles.

Fabric designers

Our designer team focusses on new textile designs and patterns, as well as researching new applications for textiles. Together with the quality team, the designers are responsible for the certifications of our existing and new fabrics.

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