Apparel Manufacturing

With our garment manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh and extensive network of supply chain partners, we can accommodate your diverse needs - from idea to final product.

+400 employees


From pattern to showroom

Dedicated to producing superior garments, our team of committed experts can assist you in all stages of the manufacturing process:

  • Pattern making
  • Sampling
  • Cutting, padding, sewing, taping
  • Quality control
  • Showroom



Our team consists of carefully selected and proficient designers, pattern makers, cutters, sewers, and quality control specialists who are committed to manucfaturing garments that adhere to the most elevated standards of excellence and skill.

a sustainable workplace

As a global leader in the textiles industry, we strongly believe in and commit to ethical and sustainable practices. Therefore, our apparel facility CPBL in Bangladesh adheres to working conditions above the local industry standards. We provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees with different supporting facilities and volunteering teams.

Safety & Wellbeing 01 / 04

Medical Assistance

Our Bangladesh plant is provided with a fully equipped medical room, staffed by trained medical professionals. This room is equipped with all necessary medical supplies and equipment, including first-aid kits, emergency medications and a stretcher. Our medical staff is available at all times during working hours, in order to provide immediate medical attention when needed.

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Fire Prevention Teams

We have a comprehensive fire prevention facility on-site, staffed by personnel who are trained to handle any emergency situation. The Bangladesh plant is equipped with fire prevention and suppression systems, including fire alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers located throughout the whole building. Regular fire drills and training sessions are conducted to make sure our employees are prepared in the event of an emergency.

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First Aid Teams

Our first aid team consists of trained medical professionals who are equipped with all necessary medical supplies and equipment to provide quick and effective medical care. The team is available on-site at all times during working hours to address any medical emergency that may arise. Regular training sessions for employees are conducted, in order to educate them on basic first aid techniques and to promote a culture of safety within the plant.

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Child Care Facilities

We have a dedicated child care room on-site to provide the children of our employees a safe and nurturing environment. This room is staffed by trained caregivers, all experienced in working with children of all ages. The room is equipped with age-appropriate toys to keep the children engaged and entertained while their parents are on the job. This helps our employees balance their work and family responsibilities and enhances a more positive and productive workplace.

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