Fashion trends: Sheer fabrics


During our visit at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics exhibition, one feature that caught our eye was the multitude of transparency applications. Transparency remains a timeless feature offering endless creative possibilities. Let's talk about the latest transparency trends: colored fill with transparent shell, PU transparent print and a strong mesh with transparent shell.

Transparent fabric collection

Inspired yet? We have a whole collection of transparent fabrics for your next garments designs, such as the Hamoir, Chiara, Hikmet, Dolce and others. Not only that, but our garments division can give you all the inspiration you need on these latest trends. 

Ok, but what is transparency exactly?  

A sheer or transparent fabric is any type of fabric that is see-through. The see-through effect offers a two dimensionality of color and sense. It gives the possibility to play with different structures and colors, so you can get creative with interesting effect and dimensions.  

How is transparent fabric obtained?  

The right transparency is achieved by finding the perfect combination of structure and color. 

The density of the fabric is partially obtained by the thickness of the yarn (unit expressed in D- denier) and the way of weaving. The thicker a yarn is the less transparent it will be.  An open structure with low density will provide more transparency. Since a high level of transparency equals low density, this means transparent fabrics are considered lightweights. The sheerness of a fabric is expressed as a numerical denier which ranges from 10D yarn (could be very transparent) up to 30D yarn. 

Color also has its effect. Our transparent Chiara Fashion fabric for example, is not transparent in black but very transparent in white. Some fabrics are transparent in blue but not in green.  

The ideal application  

The ideal application for transparent lightweight fabrics are puffer jackets also known as down jackets and rainwear. Get in touch with us to get the latest fabrics for your next collection.