Local for Local with Forclaz


Minimal Editions LOCAL by Forclaz (a Decathlon brand), is a collection of 4 durable and eco-designed products: a parka, hoodie, pants and a duffel bag. To drastically reduce the carbon footprint of their products they used recycled fabrics, but felt they could do better. They explored other ways to manufacture and decided to partner up with local industries to produce their collection locally, in countries with low-carbon energy mix like France, Belgium, Portugal and Italy.

In the plan to reduce their global CO2 emissions, they decided to partner up with Concordia Textiles. We provided them with our Workwear Greenberg PES Repreve® FF (100% Polyester Recycled + PES Membrane + PES Knit Recycled) fabric, produced in Concordia Textiles Waregem.

Can you spot our fabrics in the video?