Press Release | Grand Opening New Facilities CMT


Haian, China | Concordia New Materials Technology (CMT), an integral part of the Concordia Textiles Group under Concordia Pacific, has opened new production facilities, marking a significant expansion in China. This strategic move, which includes both CMT and Concordia Advanced Fabrics (CAF), is a response to the evolving industrial landscape, driven by environmental regulations and rising operational costs.

New Locations, Renewed Focus  

CMT has relocated its production to Haian from Suzhou's SIP high-tech zone. The new 6000m² facility in Haian,  completed in just five months, houses various departments exemplifying sustainable development with solar panels and a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for efficient energy use. 

Concurrently, CAF Suzhou has transitioned to a new 1200m² office space, located just 20 minutes from its  previous location. This move is strategically designed to enhance collaboration and cross-pollination among different teams. In this modern office, there are shared spaces including sample rooms for garments and  fabrics, a showroom, a fabric test center, and an office area, complete with an inspection area. This setup  ensures that teams, including garment technicians, work more closely together, leading to increased efficiency  and creativity in our work processes. 

The relocation and expansion were meticulously planned to ensure uninterrupted service to clients. This involved pre-manufacturing at CAF, highlighting CMT's flexibility and commitment to client needs. 

Sustainable Development and Technological Innovation  

At the heart of CMT's expansion is a commitment to sustainability and innovation. The Haian facility's regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) showcases this commitment, reducing gas reliance and enhancing energy efficiency.  

The installation of solar panels and reapplication for ISO14001 and Bluesign certifications ensure quality for  customers. The Haian facility almost entirely comprises a new production plant, with all machines revised and  updated with new technologies. 

Celebrating a New Chapter  

The grand opening on December 8th, which saw the presence of government officials and partners, marked a significant milestone in CMT's journey. Special thanks were extended to the entire CAF & CMT-team and new Haian members for their relentless effort. As Carl Baekelandt, CEO of Concordia Textiles Group, stated in his speech, "Our ability to adapt and evolve is the cornerstone of our future success." This ethos is reflected in  CMT's future strategy, led by Shunxing Zhou, General Manager and Valery Ameel, Business Unit Manager Fashion, focusing on exploring new markets, enhancing processes for existing clients, and considering a greater emphasis on workwear and fashion production in China. 

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