Press Release | New athletic kit for Azerbaijan's National Sports Team


Development of new athletic kit for Azerbaijan's National Sports Team
- in collaboration with Creative Director Menzer Hajiyeva

27/06/23 - Waregem, Belgium | Concordia Textiles Group is excited to announce the successful completion of a project commissioned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan: the design of a new athletic kit for the country's national sports team. The development consisted of a comprehensive kit that includes outerwear, tracksuits, training garments and accessories, such as sneakers and backpacks. The kit covers all seasons from summer to winter clothing. This remarkable collaboration with creative director Menzer Hajiyeva showcases Concordia's commitment to delivering high performance and innovative designs in the world of athletic apparel.

The eagerly awaited athletic kit was unveiled during a spectacular event held in Baku, receiving accolades and appreciation from athletes, team members, and the press. The Minister of Youth and Sports, Farid Gayibov, and Deputy Minister Mariana Vasileva expressed their satisfaction with the outstanding results achieved through the joint efforts of all parties involved.

"We are very happy to present the new athletic kit for the national sports team of Azerbaijan," said Christelle Lenel, Product Developer at Concordia. "This project has been an opportunity to use our expertise and knowledge. The final product represents the perfect blend of functionality, style, and national identity."

Developments were made for different types of athletes, from wrestlers and gymnasts to volleyball players. Sophie Fonteyne, Sales Director Garments at Concordia: “Since each type of sports involves a different body type, it was quite a challenge. Together we created a uniform look that is well-fitted to most athletes on the national team.”

The athletes mentioned that they never had uniform like this before and are very satisfied with the quality. “We aimed to create a uniform that is high quality and durable. Therefore, we opted for technical, breathable, and lightweight materials. In addition, we used some recycled fabrics to make it more sustainable for the planet,” added Menzer Hajiyeva.

The new athletic kit was presented on June 16th, 2023, at the Azerbaijan National Gymnastics Arena, just before the athletes left for the 2023 European Games in Poland in their new uniform. A fashion show featuring athletes with their sports elements, created an unforgettable experience, capturing the essence of Azerbaijan's sporting spirit.
To catch a glimpse of this project, including photos and a video of the unveiling event, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

This close relationship with the sports community is creating opportunities to discuss future developments in this field. Concordia Textiles’ involvement in this endeavour exemplifies the company's ability to deliver high quality textiles and garment solutions and its dedication to supporting athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

About Concordia Textiles Group

Concordia Textiles Group is a leading textile manufacturer specializing in innovative and sustainable solutions for various industries. With a focus on quality, creativity, and environmental responsibility, the company is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of its diverse clientele.

About Menzer Hajiyeva

Menzer is a London-based designer and entrepreneur, specializing in bespoke athletic wear for sports. She is the founder of her own brand that specializes in handmade silk scarves and other designer print accessories.

Fashion Show - National Gymnastics Arena, Baku, Azerbaijan

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