Wind Turbine Blades for a Net Zero Future


Last week the EIT Awards were held during the INNOVEIT EIT Summit in Brussels. The most promising entrepreneurs and innovators in Europe were honored, as well as ACT Blade's CEO Sabrina Malpede. She ended up as 2nd for the Woman Leadership Award and took home the Public Award! A great recognition of their journey in developing the next generation of wind turbine blades for a net zero future.

In close cooperation with ACT Blade, our business unit Innovative Applications, developed one of the most resilient advanced textiles to protect wind turbine blades from severe weather conditions. Not only does it offer a more practical maintenance, but the fabric also provides a longer lifespan for the blades, making it a sustainable solution for the renewable energies industry.

We are proud to be part of such a cutting-edge project and will gladly keep you updated on the following developments!

Learn more about this project here.