Reusable textiles used for cleanroom applications need to meet stringent standards aimed at preventing contamination and the transfer of infections and bacteria. Our fabrics meet the stringent demands of the EU 13795-2.



Our fabrics used for cleanroom applications are designed to minimize particle generation and accumulation, and to resist the growth of microorganisms. These fabrics undergo specialized processing to ensure their cleanliness and suitability for use in controlled environments.


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Our range of certified fabrics for reusable clean air suits are highly resistant to bacterial penetration guaranteeing effective protection adapted to the cleanroom environment. We have different levels of comfort and performance to meet the requirements of each end user.


Our fabrics prevent contamination of products from human hands and are ideal for many inspection applications. They provide better protection and are ideal for sensitive and easily contaminated products.


Our anti-static conductive fabric is suitable in cleanrooms and critical environments, which makes it the perfect solution for laundry bags and garment bags for cleanroom clothing, attire and apparel.


Our fabrics for clean air suits are of the highest quality, certified with EN 13795-2 2019. We offer qualities that are both Standard Performance and High Performance to meet the needs of our customers. With our fabrics, you can trust that you are getting the best protection and durability for your cleanroom environment. Find out more about our brands.

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Our fabrics compliant in an ESD environment

Anti-static fabrics for protective clothing

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For a selected number of products with a high demand we have set up a stock program that secures high levels of availability. These products can be shipped out in smaller quantities to support our customers in reducing inventory risk and increasing flexibility.

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